Greek Mythologies

Greek Mythologies

Three weeks ago in Greece, the Syriza Party (described as “radical leftist” by some Western papers) won a decisive victory, sweeping to power on a promise to reverse years of austerity policies imposed by the European Commission. In Athens, the outcome was greeted as the triumph of hope. Party leader Alexis Tsipras declared victory over … Continue reading

Tea Party Blues

A video entitled “We the People (The Revolution)” posted on the Web Site of Tea Party Patriots (the official site of the Tea Party movement) shows a series of images of the protestors holding signs reading “The U.S. Constitution must be defended. If need be I will do so with my LIFE!” and “NO to … Continue reading

Dramatizing Climate Change

The cause of combating climate change has taken a big hit. It is not just that the world failed to agree to much of anything in Copenhagen, it is that there has been a startling drop in American public support for acting on climate change. Without the public, America can’t act. And without America, the … Continue reading