Tea Party Blues

A video entitled “We the People (The Revolution)” posted on the Web Site of Tea Party Patriots (the official site of the Tea Party movement) shows a series of images of the protestors holding signs reading “The U.S. Constitution must be defended. If need be I will do so with my LIFE!” and “NO to Big Government” and “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!” all set to a sort of folk ballad. A female vocalist sings:

“The Nation that we knew is quickly fading
Our liberties are slipping every day
And the devil in disguise has brought damnation with the lies
That he can give us peace and take the pain away

(An image of Barack Obama appears at this point).

The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution
To show us how to keep our people free
The governmental laws are breaking down our Fathers’ walls
With the darkest plans enslaving you and me.”

A near perfect rendition of the strange mythology of the new American right.